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Thread: Triton Dual Cab 4x4 2.5 litre turbo diesel Ute!

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    Default Triton Dual Cab 4x4 2.5 litre turbo diesel Ute!

    My eldest lad wants a newer, car so is selling his triton 4x4!

    I bought this car new in 1994 and our familys owned it ever since!

    It would make a great fishing, surfing, diving, light truck for any young buck, because in recent years we've spent a small fortune on it! goes!

    It was built 08 / 93 and we bought it new from Youngs Holden Geraldton in April 1994.

    It has done a LOT of Km's (365,ooo) however, all of those were country Km's on the highway, & within the last 25,000km's it's had a totally rebuilt new diesel engine & turbo ($6000) and also same for gearbox ($2500) (all with full reciepts!) Since the lads had it he's also had all the breaks renewed / replaced etc ($1200 with receipts). Plus new exhaust system with receipts and new Exhaust manifold! He's put all new rubber bushes in the front suspension and new shocks on the rear!

    It will be a great truck for someone young who likes to offroad for fish etc...

    The car yards will give next to nothing for it as a trade in, because of it's age and Km's. (However they will ask top $ to sell because of the new engine gearbox with receipts!)

    It's had well over $10 grand spent on it, and runs pretty much like a new car - but to be honest, the paintwork is looking tired due to age and could do with some TLC (cut & polish + respray the bonnet).

    Basically no rust!

    It's been well maintained and had all it's oil changes etc.. front tyres OK rears will need replace before winter as they are low on tread!

    Tis licensed etc and everything works - Oh yeah he put new 100 watt globes in the headlights!

    He wants to get $7,500 for it, which is about a fair price I reckon (but will negotiate!).

    Whoever gets it will get a decent reliable little truck that should go Ok for probably 5 years before it needs anything major done to it again!

    It has free wheeling hubs, is a 2.5 litlre turbo diesel, dual cab well body ute with a pipe rack on the back and tow bar!

    Would also make a good tradesmans ute actually!

    It is NOT fast on the highway - 90 Kph is most economical and you'll get about 11 - 12 Kms / litre at that speed! It will do 100 or 110 OK but you'll drop to 9 km's / litre if you do!

    It will go just about anywhere - when I drove it I used to get down to Yeagarup and Calcup hill west of Pemberton and got in and out OK in 4wd if you lower tyre pressures!

    It's never been abused, I've put most of those 365ooo km's on her myself!

    It had the new engine because My missus ignored a red light on the dash when a heater hose burst a year or so back and cooked the engine!
    It was fully rebuilt in Midland by a professional truck turbo diesel repair facility...with only the best parts!

    I reckon it's a good car because I know it's history & my missus keeps all receipts etc for business tax reasons!

    It would be good to see it go to some young buck who wants to go fishing, surfing, diving and offroading etc with a couple cobbers, it is no hotrod - but for young bucks today that could be a good thing - you might live long enough to gain some common sense!

    Anyway - if anyones interested ring young Kelvin on his mobile 0437 608 975, and ask to get a test drive or whatever, we are down Sth Yunderup so you might have a 1 hour drive ahead of you!

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