Exmouth Fishing Report

How good has the weather been?? Typical really: as soon as write about the bad weather, it turns to be good by the time my writing goes to print! This last week we have had some of the best days I have ever experienced in December in a row. It was absolute glass most days and some days we had a light breeze that was just enough to keep you cool on the water. I even managed to get five days off and went out every day to enjoy our amazing back yard. The Muiron Islands were quiet on the fishing side, but the diving was crystal clear. The GT's were still about, with friends of ours catching a few on medium sized gear. We did a few days billfishing and managed to tag a striped marlin and a blue marlin that was about 160kg. We also raised a black about 150 that spat the hooks and saw a few others. We did one day inside the reef and were mauled by flies! So, my suggestion is that if the easterly is blowing and you want to go fishing, be prepared with some fly nets.

Spangled emperors have been roaming the shoreline along the Westside where few people have been visiting during the hot summer days. Anglers Leeanne and Rob Payne from Queensland walked the shoreline south from Pilgramunna and landed several, keeping just one for dinner. There have also been plenty of northern salmon along most of the beaches on the west side.

David Kazim and his wife Sanae had a bit of bad luck driving up here towing their boat Our Choice: they had a few break downs in the car before being towed into town. On their first day fishing after their car had been fixed David and Sanae came into the store and told us the story and asked where they were most likely to catch a fish with the hope of changing their luck.

We sent them around the West side with some garfish for bait. They dropped a garfish astern as a floater and got a really good strike, followed by a screaming run. Sanae had never driven a boat and apparently did a marvellous job; she also gaffed the big Mackie that was responsible for the excitement onboard. They decided to keep the fish for dinner and many photos, of which is pictured this week. The hefty fish pulled the scales at the shop down to 26kg! It was caught on a $50.00 combo using no wire at all luck was on definitely on their side this time.

The staff who bring you this report each week from Bluewater Tackle World Exmouth would like to wish you all a safe and happy festive season. We look forward to seeing you in 2010 and hearing your fishing stories.

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26 kilo Exmouth Spanish mackerel